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Dirty Ideas for Everyday Gardens

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Forget about size!

If you have air and light, you too can be a gardener and enhance your life.

‘Dirty Ideas for Everyday Gardens’ was developed with the idea that any space has the potential to be a garden.

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Lilly Pilly – Cherry Surprise & Sunrise

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Sunrise’ and ‘Cherry Surprise’ are new forms of Acmena smithii ‘minor’ produced by Wirreanda Nursery.

The plants originated when the production team at Wirreanda grew some specimens of Acmena smithii ‘minor’ from seed. Two of the plants showed some outstanding colour variation in the new growth, and were grown on to see what they would become.

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Australian Bush Tucker

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Bush Tucker or Bush Food is food native to Australia and was present before European colonisation. Australian Aborigines selected food which was available and ate it for nutritional purposes. Bush Tucker plants are used now for jams, chutney and jellies, flavourings (e.g. Lemon Myrtle), spices (e.g. Mountain Pepper), drinks, sauces, colours (e.g. Davidson’s plum).

This article provides a selection of Bush Tucker food suitable to grow in most Sydney gardens.

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